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The SBE Group supports athletes in many ways. We cover every area of their professional and personal lives, from training and nutrition to finance, legal issues and social media. And all with the aim that you can focus 100% on achieving your sporting goals.

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Our passion, aspiration and everything we do is driven by one thing: helping athletes build their brand as strong ambassadors, building an engaged community and connecting with their fans.

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We care about people, we care about development. We have met many counsellors, seen many counsellors, met many of them. What did they say? They promised the moon. Unfortunately, when it came down to it, it turned out not to be what they said. 

What is our focus? Our focus is on honest advice based on our football expertise. Our CEO, Philipp Degen, has had a professional career spanning several years with stints in Basel, Dortmund, Liverpool, Stuttgart and Basel again. We have seen and met many people. We have built up a network through which we have seen many careers that, from our point of view, did not go in the right direction. For us it is important to choose the path of development, sporting development and not financial development. Most advisors who sit in the stands don't help young talents. It's always easy to talk about it if you haven't experienced it yourself. For us, it's a crucial factor. 

The things that affect footballers today, such as the pressure on young people, are enormous. For us, it is important to be able to talk at eye level. Eye level between players, sport directors and presidents is very important. If there is one thing we have understood, it is football. It is also important for us to be able to put ourselves in the footballer's shoes. We are really able to teach the player things that will directly help him in his career. It is important for us that we function as a team. That we have the common goal to get to the top. You take care of your priorities on the pitch and we take care of the rest!

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The SBE Group consists of experts for every field.
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